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Advisor,  activist facilitator.


This is me

I believe social justice and environmentalism must go hand in hand. I bring this lens to everything I work on because I believe our best chance of coming through the climate crisis will come from listening to and supporting the people that will be most affected.


I am at my best bringing people together, inspiring teams and using my creativity. Originally from the North of England, I am based in Rotterdam and London with my partner and young son.

Sustainability  Strategy 
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I create spaces for new thinking on sustainability to emerge

I have a decade of experience working on corporate sustainability and systems change projects, with particular experience in the food, FMCG and fashion sectors, working with global retailers, brands and manufacturers. I've worked on a vast array of projects across the globe.


I bring an unusual combination of qualities, being both highly creative as well as strategic. As a freelance consultant I quickly build rapport and trust with clients. I am fun to work with and bring positive energy to my work and colleagues.  I can quickly understand, anaylse and communicate complex concepts. Give me a brief and I will challenge it, shape it with you, and then get it done!

I can help you with:

  • Designing and leading sustainability strategy processes. This includes interviewing senior staff and stakeholders, trends research, analysis, prioritisation workshops, board engagement

  • Designing and facilitating processes and experiences for groups of people - to build community, develop strategy and challenge existing thinking

  • Communicating complex ideas across a range of media (articles, presentations, webinars, reports, social media), with a knack for using accessible, straightforward language

  • Relationship management and playing a critical friend role with leaders

  • Expertise in the food and fashion industries and their supply chains

Recent Blog Posts


I have an abundance of admiration for this woman. Sarah's mind is a bright, colourful kaleidoscope of ideas, visions, wisdoms and passionate hope. She has such a fierce hunger to disrupt, change and innovate and her voice in the social domain is consistently picking up momentum with all the things she has to say and share. 


She has created a unique library of experimental projects, writes about the world with engaging vigor, all whilst being a mum, still having a social life and working on saving the planet from climate collapse. I honestly don't know how she does it. 

Tilley Harris, Founder, Akou Studios

Sarah is a highly experienced facilitator. We worked together at Forum for the Future for a number of years, where as part of her work on food systems, Sarah facilitated countless workshops bringing together experts and stakeholders across the food sectors, managing often difficult and tense conversations, and keeping people onside in order to generate constructive insights and outcomes.


Sarah has a great manner - casual and witty, making people feel comfortable, yet always professional and focused. Sarah also has a wealth of knowledge and expertise on food issues, which comes from years of experience of doing research and analysis on food system projects.

Ivana Gazibara, Associate Director, Forum for the Future

Sarah is a wonderful colleague, manager, and buddy. From day one, she approached our relationship with empathy, understanding, and forceful interest in my wellbeing.


Sarah helped me navigate difficult situations, then, after we worked together on a project she provided me with honest and insightful feedback for how I could improve. More importantly, Sarah's humor combined with her Northern accent made it a gas to work with her.

Jordan McKay, Sustainability Strategist, Forum for the Future

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