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Speaking globally on environmental justice, sustainable fashion, mental health and women & finance

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Some of my

popular keynotes

Why we can't tackle the climate crisis without tackling inequality

Climate change knows no borders, but disproportionately affects the most marginalised people in our societies. Global leaders have failed to mitigate it, and do not represent the world as it is. I argue that to create a liveable world we must tackle sexism, racism and all forms of  oppression.

Surviving post natal depression: what I've learned about mental health & the NHS

I spent almost a year in and out of psychiatric hospital with my baby in 2018. There I witnessed an NHS in turmoil, the institutional racism facing people in the mental health system. I know what it means to try to return to work, what works and what more needs to be done to support survivors of mental distress.

How can we end our addiction to fast fashion?

We are now seeing some fast fashion brands beginning to crumble in the wake of the Covid crisis. But what will emerge from the ashes? Does the circular economy offer a truly sustainable alternative? And why is it that the fashion industry is so closely connected to racism and colonialism?

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